Anonymous scheduling weekly internet attacks in ACTA opposition



Anonymous, the global hacktivism group has promised to stage attacks on prominent government and corporate websites every Friday.

In an online chat with the underground group claimed: "We are already sitting on dozens of unreleased targets”.

The claim follow recent attacks on US tear-gas company and federal websites. The group say that, as part of #FFF (Fuck the FBI Friday) they have enough compromised servers for another five months of attacks.

"Yes, each and every Friday we will be launching attacks… with the specific purpose of wiping as many corrupt corporate and government systems off our internet.”

The federal hacks are claimed to be in opposition of ACTA, the Anti-counterfeiting Trade Agreement that has prompted public demonstrations in every major European city and has recently seen Germanywithdraw its support of the controversial treaty.

There seems to be no end to the hacktivism in sight. In a provocative statement the Anon spokesperson signed out with this determined and steadfast phrase: “This is war".

Image credit: flickr user Martin Krowlikowski

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