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“Apple are assholes” – ex Pirate Bay founder on why Flattr breaks the rules

Flattr is a new venture from former Pirate Bay co-founder Peter Sunde and his partner Linus Olsson. It's a neat idea – a micopayment system that involves a monthly subscription from users (as little as $2), who can then choose to "Flattr" or make a micro-donation to what is essentially an online tip jar to the unsung heroes of the internet  – from star bloggers, back-room developers to great campaigners – who embed a Flattr button on their site.

Flattr gained most notoriety when users were able to show their appreciation for Wikileaks using the system after MasterCard, PayPal and Visa pulled their support.

Here Joel Kaczmarek interviews the Flattr guys to find out why web creators need to be supported and what their issue with Apple is...

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