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Apple document worth $1.35 million


The founding document of the Apple empire; the world’s largest tech company, was auctioned off for $1.35 million. The three type-written papers were expected to fetch up to $150,000 at a ‘fine books and manuscripts’ auction on Tuesday. On that occasion however, Apple was happily mistaken. After a gruelling struggle between bidders, the paper’s new owner went to Eduardo Cisneros, the CEO of Miami-based company: Cisneros Corporation.


The famous document, dated April 1, 1976, was signed by Steven Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and senior partner Ronald Wayne. According to the contract, Wayne had a ten-percent share in the company, which was then worth $800. He famously walked out of Apple, 11 days in, for a split of $2300. His 10-percent share would now be worth about $36 billion today.


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