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Archify launches Android app to track your online search escapades



Ever find the best internet gem, only to forget where you stumbled across it? Berlin-based startup Archify has launched a free Android app aiming to help you make your online searches simpler and more accessible by categorising your social stream and browser activity across multiple devices. The app also searches through text messages and phone call records

While Archify has plans for an iOS version (for searching only), it hasn't gained access to the data needed to archive text messages, call logs and browser activity on the mobile operating system.

“People are spending more and more time searching for web pages they have previously visited, often without success. Adding to this, is trying to track pages viewed via social media sites, or through different devices such as mobile phones and tablets. It is getting incredibly hard to keep track of where you have been online," said Archify CEO and cofounder Max Kossatz.

Internet users spend at least 156 hours, which adds up to nearly one week, each year doing online searches on sites such as Google, according to results from a survey that Archify conducted of 2000 internet users last month.

Additionally, the startup's research revealed that 75 per cent of internet users regularly can't find web pages they have previously visited and this has prevented 41 per cent of users from purchasing products online.


But Archify, founded in 2010 by Kossatz and Gerald Bäck, isn't the only one tackling this space – CloudMagic. Slife and Hooeey also offer similar services. So what makes them different?

"We cover everything in your web history, from Twitter to Facebook, stuff you say, stuff friends say, whereas a lot of competitiors only focus on one channel – like Twitter. We also integrate with Gmail, so if someone mentions you on Twitter you get a notification in your email," said Kossatz in an interview with VentureVillage last year.

Archify has secured an undisclosed amount of funding from Balderton Capital and was a finalist at Startupbootcamp Denmark in 2011.

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