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As the startup grows, so does the idea: Catching up with city farming startup Infarm

In May, we spoke to Infarm about its goal to make high quality food available for everbody. After its Indiegogo campaign with which the Kreuzberg based startup raised €25,000 (the goal was €15,000), it got not only a lot of media coverage but also attracted the interest of players in the food industry.


The idea on city farms

Understanding its hard to have farms in the middle of a city, Guy Galonska and his team worked on ideas on how to make it more efficient to offer a larger variety of herbs, spices, vegetables and fruits to consumers.

The current issues in the food industry is widely understood: Food is shipped from all over the world. The environment suffers, and so does the food’s quality. Besides the amount of food that will not even make it to supermarkets, or will not be bought, there is also an amount that gets thrown away or turns bad. Since this is a big topic, other startups, like Food Loop already try to solve.

Infarm, however, sees its approach as unique and wants to decentralize food production. “The internet has decentralized access to information and lets everyone participate. 3D printing has done the same for production. Why not giving the power to grow all kinds of food to the people,” Guy Galonska, co-founder of Infarm says.


At the BIKINI HOTEL 25hours

Taking the idea to the next step

Infarm certainly found its way to mass media as well as to customers. A well-known hotel brand will send out 1,500 of Infarm’s kits to its business partners for the upcoming holiday season (we don’t want to destroy the surprise, so we’ll keep the hotel’s name quiet until Christmas).

Besides that, the 25Hours Hotels already installed fresh herb gardens in their kitchens and bars. So did Berlin’s Katz Orange in its contemporary food lab.

To introduce its idea to a broader audience, Infarm also holds dinners, brunches, and events: e.g. for the German-Israeli StartHub next month where it will also welcomes Yakov Hadas-Handelsman, the Israeli Ambassador.

To take the first idea to the next step the team is now developing a vertical farm building block that doubles efficiency.

Instead of all of us having our own little farm at home, the idea is to have on central spot, like a supermarket or market, that grows food for the area.

The idea of bringing city farming to larger spaces also attracts well-known European food chains. “The industry isn’t sleeping,” Galonska says, but decided not to go into further details.

Infarm is looking for a new investment right now, but was not ready to share details yet.

Images: Infarm

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