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Auctionata reveals new funding from Kite Ventures, Bright Capital



German online auction platform Auctionata has now raised a total €13.2million in venture capital, including from new investors Kite Ventures and Bright Capital.

Auctionata officially launched in Berlin in September. It combines an online shop for private sellers to list rare items (think eBay meets Sotheby's) with live online auctions, all backed by an international network of art and antique experts. The first live auction this month brought in revenue of €350,000.

Today's announcement follows an interview with a Bright Capital director last month that revealed their investment in the company. Other, previous investors include Holtzbrinck, the Otto Group and the Raffay Group.

The size and terms of the previous deals haven't been disclosed, and it's not clear how much new capital Kite Ventures brought to the table. Previously, Kite – founded by Russian-American Edward Shenderovich – has invested in SponsorPay, HitFox, Delivery Hero, Cut the Rope makers ZeptoLab and leading Russian eCommerce site Darberry (acquired by Groupon).

Also today, Auctionata revealed a few statistics for its journey so far – more than 70 employees, offices in New York and Berlin, more than 3600 items in the online shop (with aims to increase this to 10,000 by the end of March 2013) and a network of "almost 250" international experts.

The website is so far available in English and in German, and the recent investment from Bright Capital and Kite Ventures suggests Russia is another key market of interest.


Auctionata – Berlin’s “Sotheby’s meets eBay” – readies expansion plans
VIDEO – Investor (and poet) Edward Shenderovich of Kite Ventures 

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