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Thought your Bang With Friends account was a secret? Think again…

Thought you could get away with using cheeky Facebook app Bang With Friends without anyone finding out? Think again. In a move that is likely to see hoards of users desert the app, the Daily Dot has revealed that the app is far from private...


A link showed users which of their friends had been using Facebook for more than just your standard stalking – however it has recently been disabled.

Bang With Friends caused a major social media furore when it launched at the end of last year and claimed to attract over half a million users in under three weeks. As the name suggests, it lets Facebook users select which of their friends they’d  like to… get to know in a more intimate fashion. One of the app’s major selling points was always that it is a “completely private” service, meaning that friends only find out they’ve been selected when they too are on the app and reciprocate the interest – a solution to what could be a very awkward situation.

But the latest twist makes it clear that the app does not live up to its super-private promises, which is partially the fault of the users themselves. Facebook apps have a default public setting, which is why it's so easy to find out who's using Bang With Friends.

It'll be interesting to see how many users are such fans of the app that they remain post-privacy scare.

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