Addicted to bass? Meet the events app dedicated to Berlin’s electronic beats

Eclectic nightlife, clubs that never close and diehard dance fans are arguably the traits that Berlin is best known for internationally. What better way, then, to capitalise on this than by providing a service purely focused on the thriving electronic music scene in the city?


Founders Stefan Baumschlager, Tino Ehrich and Brendon Blackwell

Freshly launched startup Beatguide aims to be the go-to platform for all electronic music events in Berlin. But it's more than just an event guide – the iOS app and web platform also allows users to follow DJs and clubs to make sure they don’t miss events and also listen to the latest sets. Club-goers can get an in-app preview of DJ sets without having to leave for a third-party website.

Talking about the launch, Berlin-born and raised cofounder Tino Ehrich said: "It always bothered us that we had to find out about an event on one platform, then listen to the music on another platform, and then Google the directions to the club. We thought there must be a more convenient solution for this – and that's how Beatguide got started."

Predictably, the three founders are avid clubbers and fans of electronic music. In the future, the team plans on launching their own ticketing solution, social features and to expand to other cities in the next months – aiming to become the number one platform for electronic club events and music worldwide. Stay tuned...

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