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Belated Customer Information about Toxic Substance in Zalando Shoes


Zalando has to recall more than 1,500 pairs of already sold women’s shoes because of the containing toxic substance chromium VI the level of which is (in some cases) 13 times higher than allowed, as tests run by the Veterinary and Food Administration Teltow-Fläming found out. It affects Zalando’s own brands including Zign, Pier One, Taupage and Zalando Collection.

The toxicological material can cause an allergic reaction and, in worse cases, cancer. To ensure items with toxic materials are not entering stores, clothing companies usually run independent tests at the same time as the official research is performed. This is so that companies can react to any quality issues that arise. According to a report on Wirtschaftswoche Zalando, however, did not run independent tests. 

The company also stated that neither the staff at the outlet nor the staff at the responsible departments forwarded the test results by the Veterinary and Food Administration Teltow-Fläming to Zalando’s headquarter in Berlin. 

They had addressed the issue to Zalando on March 24th directly.

The company runs their independent test now and expects results to be available later this week.

Zalando states that the following products are affected:

  • Zalando Collection Saison H/W 12 – High Heels green (ZA511A00C-602)

  • Zign, Saison F/S 13 – High Heel Pumps black (ZI111A06X-802)

  • Taupage, Saison F/S 13 – High Heel Pumps beige (TA911A02F-704)

  • Pier One, Saison F/S 13 –High heels brown (PI911A07R-708)

  • Buffalo – Buffalo High Heel Pumps black (BU311A02V-802)

Customers who bought any of these products are asked to return them.

“Transparency is our top priority. We are working closely with our suppliers, test laboratories as well as our internal departments and will establish new processes for product safety. We question our entire process and this recall is a big topic in-house.”, says Zalando spokesman Boris Radke.

Image: Zalando Outlet
Image Source: Zalando 

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