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Berlin startups On EyeEm and Instagram

Photo sharing is not only a social media tool, but also a marketing instrument that has become more important to companies. Fashion brand Michael Kors reported great success with its first instagram campaign. Others use it to feature customers (e.g. Virgin Airlines), start contests (e.g. #GetSpeedoFit), showcase new products (in a more beautiful way) (e.g. Kate Spade New York) or show insights from events they host or attend.

However, it is only international brands that let us sneak behind the scenes by sharing images on Instagram or EyeEm. Some companies from the Berlin startup scene do to. Here are a few examples:

Kptn Cook App


Kptn Cook is an app that shows you three different recipes every day. You'll also find the estimated time you'll need to prepare the meal, the costs of the ingredients and a tutorial on how to cook it.

On Kptn Cook's Instagram account, you'll not only find delicious pictures of prepared food, but you can also follow the team throughout their day. Polina (CEO), for example, is currently in San Francisco and shares beautiful pictures from City by the Bay.


Outfittery is personal style guide for men. The people at Outfittery pick clothes matching one's style and send the pieces by mail. The customers can decide which piece they want to pick and which they want to send back.


On the company's Instagram account, the follower gets to see new products as well as insights from the team and behind the scene images from photo shootings. Also, now and then, you'll find match recommendations.

hy! Berlin

width="300"hy! is an international startup and tech conference, taking place in Berlin.

The Instagram account takes you to the places the crew goes to prepare for the conference like Milan or Stockholm. And, of course, pictures from the conference itself are posted, showing speakers while being interviewed and the crowd hanging out between the sessions.

We hope for more to come!



Amazers is a community-driven platform on which anyone can take on challenges that are designed to inspire, motivate and unlock human potential.


The Instagram account of the two founders shows the team's daily life, adventures and important moments, like when they won at Lisbon's incubator program BetaStart. By following the account, you'll also see their interview partners, startups they hang out with and places they go. 


Geekettes is a new organization facilitating relationships between women in the technology sector to share wisdom and experience.


The Instagram account shows great insights from meetups and events. Follow to make sure you won't miss the next appointment in your city.



What would this article be without mentioning EyeEm, the photo sharing and exploring app, itself? Apart from the EyeEm Team, you'll also find the founder's account to follow the company's everyday life and news. For example, the team just recently moved to a new office.

Startupbootcamp Berlin

Startupbootcamp calls itself Europe's leading accelerator program. With different programs (e.g. FinTech, Mobile,... ), there is also one office in Berlin.


It's EyeEm account shows images from the accelerator's every day life, as well as conferences its attends.


Who did we miss? What's your favorite startup photo account from Berlin? Feel free to share it below in the comments. 


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