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Berlin Web Week 2014 To Dos


Berlin Web Week is getting closer. Several conferences and events will take place and matter to everyone who works in digital business or with startups. To provide you with an overview, we named a few below that we would recommend.


May 5th – 6th
bcc – Berliner Congress Center, Alexanderstraße 11, 10178 Berlin

Among the speakers you will find Morten Lund (serial entrepreneur, for example, with CapitalAid, Itembase, Skype, etc.) and Brad Templeton (Director at Singularity University).

Chosen startups will also have the opportunity to pitch on stage. A number of international startups will join to pitch ideas in all kinds of areas like robots, food, and designing your own shoes. 

Advice: The dress code is usually not jeans and T-shirts. You will not need suit and tie, but be prepared. This event is meant to connect the corporate world and startups very well. You will not find the same hipster sneakers as at other startup events.

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Investment Lab
May 5th ( 6 – 9pm),
The Rainmaking Loft Berlin, Charlottenstraße 2, 10969 Berlin

One VC, one lawyer, and one startup will negotiate a Series A term sheet live on stage. Attendees will learn the basics of fundraising and how to effectively negotiate a deal with an investor. 

Advice: Come. The tickets are €10, and there is lots to learn.

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May 6th – 8th,
STATION, Luckenwalder Str. 4–6, 10963 Berlin

If you are in media, you have heard of this event and hopefully have been there. More and more talks are held in English as the conference is getting more and more international attention.

Advice: In case the conference badge does not have your Twitter handle printed, get a pen and note it yourself. A lot of times people recognize each other and get in touch over "The land of 140 characters".

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May 6th,

Alte Münze, Molkenmarkt 2, 10179 Berlin

This must-attend startup conference is not only great for panels and workshops, but also gives you great insight from those who have made it (already). Among this year's speakers are Robert Gentz (Zalando),  Christina Riesen (Evernote), and Andreas Winiarski (Rocket Internet). Topics have a 100% focus on entrepreneurs and those who are interested in starting their own business.  

Advice: Have your pitch ready! You will not only find a lot of like minded people, but also investors that want to hear your idea.

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Also, check out the websites for special Deutsche Bank, Blacklane, or DriveNow deals.

Other events will take place, just like FridayAt6, CEO-Dinner and Web-On-Wheels.

Get a full calendar at Berlin Web Week.

As always, there is plenty to learn and many people to meet. Looking forward to seeing you in Berlin!


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