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How happy are you at work? Your last chance to take part in The Big Berlin Startup Survey

The big Berlin startup survey

The big Berlin startup survey

We're on a mission, with your help, to uncover the real state of the Berlin startup scene – beyond the hipster stereotypemotivational posters and ping-pong tables.

What's life behind the fancy offices and catered lunches? Are you earning enough – or anything? Do you have job security – does that matter? How does your experience stack up against others?

This is an opportunity for you to be honest and have your say in The Big Berlin Startup Survey. We want to help give newcomers an inside look on the realities of Berlin startup life and help you find out how your workplace conditions compare with others.

It’s anonymous – we don’t ask for an email address and won’t publish anything that could identify an individual or company – and should only take you 5-10 minutes. The survey will be open for two more days until 5pm CET Friday 6 September and we encourage anyone working for a Berlin-based startup to participate. Be sure to check back for the results…

The survey is now closed.

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