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Blinkist lets you read and listen to a non-fictional book in 15 minutes

While for some reading is a matter of joy, others only want to increase their knowledge. This is often the case when the material is considered educational reading instead of a fictional novel. For many, the key learnings are what they are interested in instead of reading the entire story, going through many examples and explanations.   


Being backed with €1.8 million in funding by e.g. Hub:raum, IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft, MGO Digital Ventures, Deutsche Telekom and Philipp Semmer, Blinkist announces that instead of reading users will now also be able to listen to the 15 minute book summaries. That way people with a lack of time or motivation can get the key facts from non-fiction books like “The 4 Hour Work Week” or “Freakonomics” by listening to it while driving or riding a bike.

“With such an abundance of information competing for our attention, it can be overwhelming trying to choose what content to consume. By breaking down books and summarising their most important insights into packages that only take 15 minutes to read or listen to, there’s literally no excuse to start learning and reading more,” said Holger Seim, CEO and co-founder of Blinkist.

With the update, Blinkist 3 offers reading or listening to one book per day to non-paying users. Subscribers have unlimited access to the over 500 books published on the platform. According to the company, more than 40 books are added to the library per month. Besides that, the startup offers Page 19, a digital magazine that provides hacks, inspirational stories and advice from many different non-fictional books. It is available to users on a daily basis.

Viewing the rating in the App Store, those who discussed the content gave mostly 5 stars, stating that they felt well informed and that the content is well explained. It seems, however, that the app had trouble working on iOS8 in the beginning.

Blinkist was founded in 2012, launched in 2013 and employs 14 people full-time and about 50 freelance writers and readers to provide the content.

*An earlier version of this article misstated the company name. It is Blinkist, not Blickist.


Image: Blinkist

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