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Is DailyDeal in trouble? Further redundancies for the Berlin deals platform

Berlin-based deals platform DailyDeal has revealed that, in the process of restructuring, it has let a number of staff go. The decision was made to allow the company to reach its goal of soon "being in the black and securing long-term independence". DailyDeal confirmed that 30 of 145 staff members were let go. At its peak, DailyDeal employed 200 people.


The news might not be as bad as it seems, though. A number of staff are being transferred to other businesses belonging to the Heilemann group – including Heilemann Ventures, the brothers' investment arm, along with newly founded eCommerce agency Heilemann & Company. Other projects are currently "being prepared" by the group, the company said. At the moment, Heilemann Ventures reportedly has 13 investments.

Fabian Heilemann said the company wants to support its staff in finding new jobs, blaming the phase DailyDeal is currently in for the redundancies. Since "the business model is completely developed and the market is largely consolidated", the team, cost structure and processes have to be aligned accordingly, the company said in a media release.

After being sold for an impressive $114m to Google in 2011, brothers Ferry and Fabian Heilemann bought back their business from the search engine in February this year. Soon after the buyback, plans were made to focus on creating an eCommerce agency for the group.

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