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HEUREKA 2014 Program

Whether you are an investor, an entrepreneur or just want to get informed about the hottest topics in startups, there is something for everyone at HEUREKA.

This year, on two stages and in two workshop areas, there will be 23 talks and panels along with 15 workshops presented. Below you can find a preview of who and what you can expect to see at this year's conference:

Stage 1 Highlights:

[person name=" Katie Rae" url="" image="" company="Techstars" company_url="" subject="Accelerate your Startup" date="10:20-10:40"]

[person name="Mato Peric" url="" image="" company="Epic Companies" company_url="" subject="Startup power meets TV empire" date="11:20-11:50"]

[person name="Benjamin Bak" url="" image="" company="Lovoo" company_url="" subject="How to get the first 100.000 users for your app" date="12:15-12:50"]

[person name="Florian Heinemann" url="" image="" company="ProjectA" company_url="" subject="Becoming a data-driven company – why and how" date="14:20-14:45"]

[person name="Robert Gentz" url="" image="" company="Zalando" company_url="" subject="All about Zalando" date="16:00-16:30"]

[person name="Niklas Östberg" url="Östberg" image="" company="DeliveryHero" company_url="" subject="What it takes to build a global leader" date="17:00-17:20"]

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Stage 2 Highlights:

[person name="Dominik Matyka" url="" image="" company="Plista" company_url="" subject="What it takes to find the exit" date="11:20-11:40"]

[person name="Fabian Siegel" url="" image="" company="Global Founders Capital" company_url="" subject="Model based execution" date="12:40-13:00"]

[person name="Ramin G. Far" url="" image="" company="Versus" company_url="" subject="How to raise money within 90 days" date="14:40-15:00"]

[person name="Franziska Schäfermeyer" url="äfermeyer" image="" company="Tengelmann Social Ventures" company_url="" subject="What's your return in social business?" date="15:05-15:50"]

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Workshop 1 Highlights:

[person name="Steli Efti" url="" image="" company="" company_url="" subject="How to make people love your product" date="10:45-11:30"]

[person name="Jörg Zätzsch" url="ätzsch" image="" company="CMS Hasche Sigle" company_url="" subject="How to be prepared for an exit from day one" date="11:35-12:20"]

[person name="Andreas Winiarski" url="" image="" company="Rocket Internet" company_url="" subject="PR is dead. Long live content marketing!" date="12:25-13:15"]

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Workshop 2 Highlights:

[person name="Johannes Bohnet" url="" image="" company="Software Diagnostics" company_url="" subject="How to be prepared for a Technical Due Diligence" date="12:25-13:15"]

[person name="Kathrin Schürmann" url="ürmann" image="" company="Schürmann Wolschendorf Dreyer" company_url="" subject="Legal obstacles of mobile location based services" date="14:10-14:55"]

[person name="Ivo Betke" url="" image="" company="Webcrowd" company_url="" subject="What's the Technical Demand Behind Your Idea" date="17:30-18:15"]

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Additional Program Highlights

Still not 100% convinced? Here are more highlights from the HEUREKA Conference that you will not want to miss:

Are you looking for a new job in the startup scene? Then you should definitely check out our Recruiting Corner. Here you can discover high-profile digital companies that are searching for promising candidates to support them. Do not forget to bring your CVs! If you are a student, take advantage of our special student price for €50! Just send an Email to with a scan of your student ID.

Do you have an important meeting with investors coming up? Or perhaps you would like to improve the way you pitch your product to customers. Apply now for a personal training pitch with our rhetoric coach Florian Mueck! Seven coaching slots will be given away to applicants who will be awarded a 45 minute training session. The application period runs until April 15th, so get your application in here today!

In our Demo Mile startups will present themselves and their products. Discover the latest projects that the German startup scene has to offer.


If you do not yet have a personal code for HEUREKA, send us your application details through this form!

Which speaker, talk or workshop interests you the most and what question you would like to ask the speaker? We're giving away two free tickets for HEUREKA 2014 for the two most original answers from all comments received by 6pm tonight!

HEUREKA – The Event Details

  • Place: Alte Münze, Molkenmarkt 2, 10179 Berlin
  • Date: Tuesday, May 6th, 2014, 9:00am till 22:00pm
  • Price: €50 for students, €250 (plus tax) for startups, €550 (plus tax) for services and companies not qualifying as startups. Get your tickets here.


We thank our HEUREKA partners for their support

DHL (Logistics Service), Berliner Bank (Finance Service), IBM (IT and Consulting Partner), EY (Accountancy), CMS Hasche Sigle(Law firm), Schürmann Wolschendorf Dreyer (Law firm), Tegel ProjektAxel Springer Plug & Play (Accelerator), hub:raum (Accelerator),Microsoft Ventures AcceleratorProSiebenSat.1 AccleratorWayra(Accelerator)


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