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Berlin reading app Dotdotdot inks seed deal



Berlin-based reading app Dotdotdot has raised seed funding from German public-private investment fund High-Tech Gründerfonds and business angel Heiko Scherer.

The investment – announced yesterday – is a mid-six digit euro sum. Since HTGF usually closes the same first deal with young companies, it's pretty safe to assume their contribution is €500,000 (the same as mobile marketplace Stuffle in January).

DotdotdotDotdotdot, available for the web, iPad, iPhone and with an Android app next in line, is described by the company as a digital textshelf. It lets readers upload and import texts and read them within the app, highlight and add comment to passages, reply or like comments, follow other readers, and search your own highlights and comments (right).

Dotdotdot co-founders Thomas Schinabeck, Thomas Weyres, Christian Klingler and Christian Beer started the company in 2012:

"We're working on building a solution to make reading texts (not only books, you can read and archive any text from the web or RSS as well with Dotdotdot) more social and to build a solution to read and archive all the texts that are important for a reader in one place." Weyres explains.

"Especially if you work a lot with texts, the process of archiving them feels very broken right now, you have your books on one device, in one certain app, important texts from the web are somewhere lost in your bookmarks … We are trying to solve this."

Other online reading tech companies in Berlin include Readmill, an ebook reader for iPhone and iPad, and Txtr, which offers "end to end" B2B tech solutions and recently released e-reader Txtr Beagle.

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