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Make flat hunting less painful with Dreamflat

Berlin has a major flaw: whether you blame it on copious amounts of expats, students, artists or even startuppers, it is notoriously difficult to find an apartment in the German capital. For most, the flat hunting process causes stress levels to soar and desperation to creep in as deadlines draw closer.


Enter Dreamflat, a Berlin-based startup that allows private individuals to post notices for spare rooms as well as whole places to rent. Though there are definitely other, more established providers with larger user bases – think WG-Gesucht, mostly for flat sharing but also for entire flats, or ImmobilienScout24 and Immowelt – Dreamflat offers a more personalised service, along with easier use and a far nicer design.

As of today, it also has an iOS app – something its major competitor, WG-Gesucht, still lacks. Users log in with their Facebook profile and select whether they're offering or looking for a flat. Flat hunters make a profile, including a bit about themselves, and flat providers browse through the profiles and pick who they want to get in contact with. Mutual friends are shown along with any Facebook groups that users have in common. In the future, similar hobbies and interests will also be included in the selection process. Users can chat within the app to get to know each other and arrange a time to check out the place.

Dreamflat launched in late 2012. So far it is available across Germany, with a focus on major cities, and only in German, though the website is also available in English.

For now, the flat postings are rather sparse, though if it manages to attract a larger user base Dreamflat could sore ahead of its more cumbersome competitors.

Image credit: Flickr user Wonderlane

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