Trends, Innovationen und Digitales aus dem Mobilitätsbereich’ Christian Miele on why Germany is losing at innovation

Christian Miele of shares his thoughts on digitization in Germany and what virtues make an outstanding entrepreneur.

Christian Miele is a principal at the global venture capital firm, whose investments are focused on early stage and growth stage technology companies. is active across the US, Europe, China and Brazil, and the VC's investments include well-known startups, like Azimo, Groupon and Angie’s List.

Before joining, Miele worked at Rocket Internet as a Global Venture Development Director, where he led the international expansion and business development of Kreditech, a Berlin-based financial tech startup.

"The best that can happen to a founder is if I reach out to him after an easy-going conversation and ask him if we could talk about his idea again. Then, I did not even realize that he was pitching to me.”

Listen as Miele shares how he went from working 100 hours per week at Rocket Internet to becoming a VC. He also shares the biggest lessons learned along the way.

Other topics that covered in this episode:

  • Why startups are Miele's passion and what drives him in life
  • Advice for founders before their first pitch
  • The importance of being humble and honest as a founder
  • The difference between a good entrepreneur and an outstanding one
  • How startups can "wow" a VC during an investment pitch
  • Why Germany is on the loser’s side of digital entrepreneurship and innovation
  • The current hottest industries for founding a startup

This article originally appeared on Startup Notes.

Photo via Christian Miele

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