€4 Million investment for off- and online register solution inventorum


Another payment with iPad solution? Yes, but different: inventorum connects small and medium sized store’s online and offline shops and its inventory. HTGF, Vogel Ventures and Dr. Max Iann announced this week that they invested in the startup's €4 million Series A round.

While others concentrate on mobile payment or NFC, inventorum focuses on issues small businesses have that sell online and offline. With its solution, shop owners get a software that synchronizes the goods in stock to ensure items aren’t sold double. The iPad software works as a register and saves the products’ barcode information. This updates the stock information in the online shop as well as on ebay (if there’s a shop account as well).

Shops that use inventorum accept cash and credit and debit cards, as well as PayPal.

Here is how it works:

[vimeo id="84542902" width="500" height="300"]

So far, a couple of thousands accounts are activated, many hundreds are in use, Christoph Brem, CEO and founder states.

Besides High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF) and Vogel Ventures, the Venture Capitalist Dr. Max Iann joined the €4 million Series A round, which will be used for growth and product improvement.

While translating the software is not a big problem, local regulations are often different. inventorum says it is working on solutions and will announce more on that topic soon.


Image: inventorum

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