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eBay tests Same Day Delivery in Berlin now

The online auction platform eBay started testing Same Day Delivery in cooperation with DHL in Berlin. For €5 extra, selected items purchased before 2 pm can get delivered to the buyer’s door between 8 – 10 pm that day. Offers are integrated into eBay's website and mobile app as eBay Now, the Same Day Delivery app from eBay, was pulled off the iTunes and Android stores last weekend.  


Learnings from the U.S.

Just recently Recode spoke to eBay about its plans with eBay Now. eBay’s CEO John Donahoe explained that most people ask for Same Day Delivery for groceries. That, as many know, is an area eBay does not cover. eBay also found out that people would rather pick up items purchased on eBay at local stores for free than pay extra.  

As TechCrunch, Engaded and many other news outlets reported yesterday, eBay removed its eBay Now app from the iTunes and Android stores. As Reuters points out, eBay Now will be folded into eBay's mobile app and website. That is the case with the offers available for Berlin

eBay tests Same Day Delivery in Berlin

Having started just a short time ago, eBay tests Same Day Delivery in Berlin until the end of this year, the company states. Purchases made until 2 pm from selected traders will be delivered between 8 – 10 pm on the same day. For this experiment, eBay cooperates with DHL courier service.

The six participating partners sound interesting: Fashion For Home (furniture and living), MAPCO (car tech), Streetwear Tuning (car tuning), Shoedeal (shoes), Foto Wichern (photography and photography accessories) and Prestige Europe Ltd. (perfume and make-up). More partners will be announced in the near future, eBay states.

Both eBay and DHL see this project as a test to gain experience in how Germans feel about Same Day Delivery. That does not only cover the acceptance of paying extra (€5), but also to understand what the market asks for.

It’s will be interesting to see whether car pieces, furniture, and the other categories mentioned above are Same Day Delivery cases. Last minute gifts needed for the upcoming day would make sense or maybe even clothes needed for a next day appointment. Though looking at the high return-rate of about 50% even that might not be the ideal Same Day Delivery case.

With Christmas coming up and packed warehouses ahead, it will be interesting to see what role gift delivery will play this season. And where Same Day Delivery joins the game.

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