The European Commission launches new startup accelerator network

A new initiative from the EU aiming to boost entrepreneurship has been launched: Startup Europe's Accelerator Assembly. It brings together a group of 20 accelerator programmes plus entrepreneurs and policy makers, in a bid to open up communication between these parties and provide more support for European startups.


The programme is being led by Seedcamp, TechStars, Seed DB, Bethnal Green Ventures, Nesta and How to Web. It’ll hold events and workshops, conduct research to increase awareness about accelerators and web startups in Europe as well as host an online community.

Neelie Kroes, Vice President of the European Commission and its "digital commissioner", has made her goal to push the European startup scene apparent. “Our hope for the economic future lies in startups, innovators and entrepreneurs. Web entrepreneurs will play a vital role in creating tomorrow’s ideas, tomorrow’s jobs and tomorrow’s economic growth. Using innovative technologies and platforms, they build products, create services and develop a multitude of solutions, which improve and enrich our professional and private lives on a daily basis.” She notes that accelerator programmes play an important role in building and growing startups.

The news comes just after the Commission hosted the Future Internet event, which brought out accelerators, coworking spaces, crowdfunding platforms, business angels, VCs and tech media to discuss a new €100m funding pool for SMEs and startups launched by the organisation.

The European Commission has launched a number of initiatives aimed at boosting the startup scene in Europe. These include The Leaders Club (a group of prominent entrepreneurs that advise the EU on how to improve conditions for startups), Europioneers (a startup awards ceremony) and Tech All Stars (a startup competition).

Image credit: Flickr user HooLengSiong

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