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Events Diary June 30 – July 6 – Our pick of the hottest startup events this week


Welcome to the VentureVillage Events Diary – read on and discover the hottest startup events of the week!

Crowdfunding consulting & best practice by Indiegogo

width="139"Date: 1 July 2014
Location: hub:raum Campus/Berlin-Schöneberg
Costs: Free
Website: Register for the event here

After crowdfunding got really well known as a concept to fund your film, art project and rendered project draft, it is starting to grow up now. Using your campaign to not only fund a product development but to gain more knowledge about the market, the customers and possible demands by both of them is a main focus of quite some campaigns on While presenting a best practice case, you will understand why you should consider an international campaign at the open and flexible platform. If you do have a project in the final stage, you can present and get feedback.

Freelancer vs. Employee?

width="139"Date: 2 July 2014
Location: hub:raum Campus/Berlin-Schöneberg
Costs: Free
Website: Register for the event here

What are the criteria to identify alleged freelancers? How can disguised employment be avoided? The workshop will give founders practical advise on how to minimize the risk of disguised employment and have freelancers work in a legally secure way.

Banking sucks - how to avoid bankers sales trash and...

width="139"Date: 3 July 2014
Location: hub:raum Campus/Berlin-Schöneberg
Costs: Free
Website: Register for the event here

Banking is one of the things you may consider least when setting up your Tech Company especially when it comes to your limited time as a founder. Regarding the regulated and still difficult banking infrastructure in Europe as well as worldwide it is a smart idea to think about that topic early but focused. The lessons aim is to give you as well a general overview about how to set up a banking structure as well as detailed useful information how to proceed bank wise. An open discussion is more than welcome and the instructors are happy to answer questions concerning the topic.

Building a B2B business & Partnering with the Big Guys

width="139"Date: 4 July 2014
Location: BSA HQ, S-Bahnhof Jannowitzbrücke
Costs: €5
Website: Register for the event here


A mentoring session on building B2B startups: surviving endless sales cycles, understanding corporate buying processes, racking up a sustainable client list. The program includes talks by three mentors: (1) Stephan Schambach (2) Nicolas Biagosch (3) Gero Decker. In addition to keynotes, BSA startups will share their ideas and feedback on your questions in an open Q&A.

Scrum Introduction Workshops

width="139"Date: 5 July 2014
Location: Wikimedia Tempelhofer Ufer 23-24
Costs: €15
Website: Register for the event here

You want to work in an IT department but don't know what Scrum is? You want to become a Scrum Product Owner but you're not sure about the difference with the role of a Project Manager? You're a Dev and want to learn what Scrum is about? After so many of you showed interest in the Scrum process after their talk on March, 5th, Geek Girls Carrots decided to let you dive deeper into the framework to discover more about THE buzz word in IT these days.

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