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Berlin’s EyeEm takes photography platform to iPad

In the biggest announcement since its €6m funding round in July this year, EyeEm – the Berlin-based photography community and marketplace – has launched its iPad app. The new app offers high-resolution images and the same photo editing features of the iOS and Android mobile apps.

It may be more awkward taking photos with an iPad but the larger screen does make it easier to edit them. A new slideshow has also been launched, letting users browse EyeEm albums in full screen. By tapping and swiping the image, users can discover the photographer, the album the photo is in, comments and likes. EyeEm offers 17 filters and when users are done editing they can share the finished product on their social networks.

The company obviously faces tough competition from Instagram, though EyeEm's iPad optimised app gives them an edge over the US-based giant, which so far doesn't offer a native iPad app. The two companies also have different focuses: Instagram's main goal is to provide users with a social photo diary. EyeEm, in contrast, centres on the photography itself, offering advanced image search and commercialising users' photos. EyeEm has also already introduced its business model – users can sell their images to clients, marketers and brands via the platform's photography marketplace. The app remains free to download and use, the company takes a cut of each image sale.

Founded in 2011, EyeEm is now used in 130 countries.

Photo credit: Flickr user kevin dooley

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