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EyeEm Recipe for Pola-crafting your Photos

Cedric Blanchon - EyeEm

BellaStella - EyeEm

It looks like the sort of image only a photo-editing pro could conjure up. But what if you were armed with the right, easy-to-master tools and guidelines to make it happen? Well, now you can. Popular photo-editing and sharing app EyeEm has the step-by-step guide on making you the envy of all your photo-savvy friends. And it's all thanks to French photo-master Cedric Blanchon, who, keen to share his tips of the trade, has created the video tutorial below. A nice little recipe for making the best Pola Dream photo...

Pola Dream - Recipe


Camera+ShakeitPhotoBigLensBlender and ColorSplash


Here’s the step by step process:

1. Shoot the background image using Camera+.
2. Open Biglens and apply a blur effect to the background image. The hands on the front should be sharp while the face in the background needs to be blurred. Apply a Lomo filter for the vignette effect.
3. Take the 4 photos you need for the Polaroids on the front: you and your arm, your hand with the lighter, you and a cigarette (or anything else) in your mouth, the tip of the cigarette.
4. Convert the two images into Polaroids using ShakeitPhoto.
5. Use Blender to place the Polaroids into the hands of the background photo.
6. Open Snapseed and crop the photo.
7. Use ColorSplash to color the Polaroids while leaving the background image black and white.
8. Open EyeEm and upload the photo to the album Pola Dream

And, voilà! Here's a little something Cedric prepared earlier...

 Cedric Blanchon

Cedric Blanchon Cedric Blanchon

Happy snapping!

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