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Sponsored post: Foxrate is open for business – get one month free


Foxrate is proud to announce the launch of its Professional and Enterprise accounts and is celebrating by offering new and existing customers one month for free on these plans. 


Foxrate allows online merchants to boost their conversion rates by harnessing the power of real customer feedback – channeling positive ratings and reviews into attractive widgets that can be displayed anywhere on their webshop.

Online shoppers face a difficult problem: they face the risks of poor-quality products, inadequate descriptions and lousy customer service. Without the option of walking into a physical store, online shoppers can become skeptical of what exactly they are buying into.

Consequently, 71 per cent of online shoppers will frequently read customer reviews before making a purchase and 77 per cent of them say that online reviews influence their buying decisions (Forrester).

UK Manager at Foxrate, Adam Shingleton, explains the significance of customer feedback for online businesses: ‘The display of customer feedback on the company’s website is the most significant indicator of transparency. When existing customers describe their experiences to potential customers, trust and readiness-to-buy are naturally increased. This willingness to share the truth with shoppers is a clear demonstration of transparency and integrity. In such an honest environment, shoppers can feel that they are making the right purchasing decision and they feel confident to proceed to a transaction."

Using Foxrate’s 100 per cent honest customer feedback system and natural SEO, online businesses can revolutionise their business performance. Positive feedback from genuine customers is the most effective recommendation for shoppers who may lack the confidence or trust to make a purchase. By seeing genuine feedback, shoppers are better equipped to decide who to trust when making online purchases.

Most importantly, Foxrate offers fully integrated product reviews for online shops, an essential element for complete product listings. Product reviews are considered the most powerful form of feedback as they create trust in a product and provide a strong incentive to buy. A product review provides the answer to what any sensible shopper will ask before buying. Products’ features and performance become clear as they are described from real customer experiences, therefore order returns and cart abandonment are reduced.

With all of this information, businesses can learn vital insights – empowering owners to deliver exactly what their customers want. This honest, open approach to customer relations will strengthen online reputation and create new opportunities.

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