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German Startups Tell Chancellor Angela Merkel What They Need To Be Successful


ResearchGate CEO Ijad Madisch, Earlybird Partner Ciaran O’Leary and Wooga CEO Jens Begemann, among other key startup leaders in Germany, shared with Chancellor Angela Merkel what they believe German IT-startups need to be successful - and Chancellor Merkel responded. The sharing was done via a microvideo discussion at CeBIT technology trade fair currently underway in Hanover.

The 12 influencers who contributed to the discussion touched on a variety of points where political policy could help make a positive difference in Germany’s digital startup scene. Madisch from ResearchGate said, “everybody in the US knows what Silicon Valley stands for.” He argued that Germany’s startup industry should be better promoted abroad. Wooga’s Begemann mentioned the need for leaner immigration laws, which would help companies like Wooga recruit top international talent. Chancellor Merkel left a short message saying that she will review the videos and try to provide answers to them.

The messages were facilitated through Pinio, a Berlin-based startup aiming to make the exchange of opinions more personal via video. Those who are interested in watching the videos can check out the Pinio platform - and even leave behind their own thoughts for Chancellor Merkel.

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Image Credit: Abigail Wick 

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