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German Startups Group Invests in 11 Berlin Startups


The past eight months were very busy for the German Startups Group. During that time, the entrepreneurial holding company invested into 17 startups - eleven of which are based in Berlin. In an exclusive interview with Gründerszene, German Startups Group discusses how in two years it was able to build an investment portfolio of what it considers to be the “best startups made in Germany.”

17 investments in the last eight months might be an impressive number, but German Startups Group maintains that it is not all about quantity. Its aim is to represent the most promising German startups across a broad range of sectors. In the interview, Nikolas Samios, the newly appointed COO of German Startups Group, says that there is no specific branch focus, however, the Group invests strongly in digital products that are internationally scalable.

Answering a question on how German Startups Group chooses its investments, CEO Christoph Gerlinger adds that the focus is on disruptive innovation, scalability, and team track record. The following are the eleven Berlin startups that German Startups Group believes exemplifies these characteristics.

Seed Stage

Book a Tiger is an online platform on which professional cleaners for hire can be found.

Dalia Research develops cloud-based technology solutions for market, social, and opinion research on smartphones and tablets.

Juniqe is an online shop for low-priced, eclectic art, apparel, and accessories.

Lingoda is an online language school active in more than 60 countries worldwide.

Early Stage

Customer Alliance is an online review management tool for hotels, and supports hoteliers in generating and using reviews.

FanMiles develops and drives emotions with FanLoyalty Programs worldwide.

Friendsurance is a peer-to-peer platform for insurances.

Urbanara is an e-commerce own brand launched in 2010 for high-quality homewares and accessories.

Growth Stage

Exozet is a digital agency in the media and entertainment segment.

Returbo markets returned goods, B-stock items, overstocks, and end-of-lifetime products, as well as new merchandise internationally through different online channels.

SoundCloud is a social sound platform that gives users access to the world’s largest community of music and audio creators.

Image: German Startups Group

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