German Startups Salaries – Join the Survey!


Though we all have to deal with it, nobody likes to talk about it: Money.

How much do you make? How much do I make? Is it adequate or not?

In cooperation with many partners such as Seedcamp, hub:raum, Point Nine Capital, Redstone Digital and Axel Springer Plug and Play, we would like to ask our readers to join and forward The 2014 Germany Tech and Digital Salary Survey to answer this question.

It is, of course, anonymous and shouldn’t take longer than five minutes to fill out.

Questions address topics like e.g. gender, age, years of experience, positions, and level of funding.

Numbers on salaries worldwide were also published by in 2012 and compared by Adelina Peltea, tech and entrepreneur  blogger, in 2013.



It's time for new data! Help us collect some information and fill out the form yourself and share it with your co-workers and community!

Results can be expected in mid-September.

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