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German taxi drivers plan major demonstration against UberPop and Wundercar


The limousine service UberBlack was the first service to anger German taxi drivers. But the new transportation services UberPop and Wundercar that provide private drivers to passengers (without a passenger transport license) are creating additional hassles: Germany's taxi drivers see their business model threatened and are planning a national demonstration against UberPop and Wundercar.

"On June 11, there will be a day of action for the taxi associations in Berlin," announced Thomas Grätz, Director of the German Taxi and Car Rental Association, to Wirtschaftswoche. Grätz told Gründerszene: "We  will demonstrate against UberPop and other companies like Wundercar that obviously violate the law and still don't deny it." Drivers of UberPop and Wundercar are not adequately insured explains Grätz. This presents a "huge risk" for passengers.

According to the Berlin taxi entrepreneur Richard Leipold, who had obtained a temporary injunction against the limousine service UberBlack a few weeks ago, Berlin's taxi drivers are planning a rally in the capital on June 11. The German Taxi and Car Rental Association wants to discuss further details about the protest this afternoon at a meeting.


In addition to the protest, the German Taxi Association is now preparing a lawsuit against UberPop and Wundercar. Futhermore, there will soon be a global day of protest in which the German Taxi Association wants to demonstrate together with associations from Paris, Milan, Lisbon and Sao Paulo.

UberPop and Wundercar advertise that passengers pay significantly less for their service than for a taxi ride while also getting the opportunity to meet new people. A model for these businesses is the US startup Lyft, which is very popular in San Francisco.

Bild: © / thesupe87
Translated by: Elena Rueckert 

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