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Get kids into coding – Code Club World kicks off with support from Codecademy, Mozilla and Google

kids tech

kids tech

Codecademy, Google and Mozilla are throwing their weight behind Code Club World, a new non-profit global initiative to get kids aged nine to 11 into coding.

The initiative is based on existing scheme Code Club in the UK, set up about a year ago by founder Clare Sutcliffe and now running about 800 volunteer-led after school coding clubs. Code Club World will set up an open framework for similar volunteer communities around the world. From the press release today:

Code Club World will provide all of the Code Club teaching materials in plain text form in English, uploaded to a special Code Club World page on Github, for programmers and developers to download and translate into local languages, along with tips and advice on finding a suitable venue, running a Code Club, finding volunteers and creating a community.

Code Club World will write a new set of projects every school term and post them to the Github page. It plans to launch the initiative in French, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Ukrainian and Turkish, with further languages and countries to follow.

Success, though, will depend on finding volunteer programmers and teachers to set up new hubs. So far, web developer Patrick Welfringer and TA Venture Director (and IDCEE conference organiser) Viktoriya Tigipko have stepped up to set up Code Club World communities in Luxembourg and Kiev respectively. 

“Code Club is an ideal solution to the three main issues we encounter when trying to address the code literacy problem: By providing volunteers and a proven curriculum for after-school workshops, they come to the rescue of teachers that don't have the knowledge, lack the time and have no course material," Welfringer said.

“Ukraine is a country with huge potential in IT industry, and proper education for youngsters in this sphere could not be underestimated," Tigipko added. "Coding nowadays is important for everyone, just as important as reading and writing. We live in a digital world, and our children – 'digital natives' – have to know how it works."

Code Club UK launched at last year's Founders Forum with support from Sir Tim Berners Lee and Skype founder Niklas Zennström, among others.

Image credit: flickr user flickingerbrad


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