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Get ready to break taboos with Lusty Ice’s naughty popsicles

The Berlin-based food startup offers two models: the titsicle and the cocksicle.

Lusty Ice, a Berlin-based food startup that specializes in fruit popsicles in erotic shapes, is offering customers a kinky way to cool off.

The startup, founded by Marc Poggia in 2016, is hoping to break taboos: "We don't just want a delicious ice lolly, we want something beautiful, full of life and to be a design object."

The lollies, which come in two designs (the titsicle and the cocksicle), sell for four euros per treat. Lusty Ice boasts their ice's nutritional value, as the product is fruit-based and vegan. They currently offers two flavors; some come with alcohol.

The startup wants to become a festival staple, bringing attention to their artistic creations with colorful stands and a 2-meter-long sculpture of their penis-shaped lolly.

"A lick or a suck makes our ice lovers shift into a new reality," the startup writes on their website. The ice lollies take people to a world where social "boundaries are broken. An environment where you can feel free."

Photos via Startup Food Market

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