Gian Luca Petrelli shares the inspiration behind his crowdsourced data startup

The newest episode of Startup Notes interviewed Gian Luca Petrelli, the co-founder of Italian startup BeMyEye, and it is worth a listen.

Petrelli dives into "how he came up with the idea to build Europe's biggest crowd community of real-world data gathers."

In May 2016, the startup raised a €6.5 million (6.8 million USD) Series B round, according to crunchbase.

“We were lucky enough to raise money with just paper in our hands.”

In this episode:

  • How he went from olive oil producer to founder of Europe’s biggest crowd community of real-world data gathers
  • Why having a personal need is the best starting point for a successful business
  • How Facebook helped BeMyEye build their community, even in small Italian villages
  • His most exciting and most devastating moments as an entrepreneur
  • What he would do differently and what he would do exactly the same next time

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