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Five websites and apps that help you sell your unwanted Christmas gifts

Christmas is over, most of the family is gone, and life is getting back to normal. Besides a few pounds and the Christmas tree, we are also stuck with a few gifts, we would rather get rid of.

Sometimes it is because it’s double, sometimes because it doesn’t fit you, and sometimes it’s just not what you wanted, needed, or liked.


These websites and apps help you to get rid of the things you got for Christmas and do not see any use for:


You don’t feel like taking care of selling yourself? Startups such as reBuy do it for you. Calculate a fixed price for your item online, send the item to the reBuy team and receive your money right away. The platform then takes care of selling it. Depending on the offer and demand, selling prices can vary. However, if it’s ok with you, this is a fast and easy way to sell things.


Stuffle is a free flea market app from Hamburg that makes it easy to offer items online. Through GEO location, potential buyers always see the items offer around them. However, they can also choose to search for something specific, e.g. a smartphone or a bike.

Items and money can be exchanged when both parties meet one on one, or paying e.g. through PayPal and post. Using PayPal is free of charge for buyer, sellers get charged 5% of the trading price. Different in-app purchase models let seller’s highlight their items in the showroom to make it more visible.


Shpock, very similar to Stuffle, is an online marketplace from Vienna. It differs in small ways. You can follow other users and be alerted when your desired items are available. Also, Shpock offers categories such as “fashion and accessories” or “home and garden”.

Besides private messages you can also post public questions. Payment can be done in person, but also through online transaction. Of course PayPal is an option, however, it is not integrated inside the app. Their VIP Highlighting options also allow you to display your items more prominently on Shpock’s marketplace.

eBay Classifieds

The most well-known marketplace is probably still eBay Classifieds. It takes a little longer to post offers, but also gives you more options to specify or describe your offer. eBay Classifieds is free of charge for buyers and users to join. Just like the other, this service lets you promote your offers for a certain fees.These start at €2.95 which is more than Stuffle or Sphock.

Facebook groups

Just about every city has a "sell and stuff for free group" on Facebook. A group where users post items. It’s free of charge and gives you more credibility when users can see mutual friends. It was also just reported that Facebook is running a small test allowing users to sell items. It’s not yet open for the public, but it will be interesting to see where it goes.

There are many ways to get rid of the unwanted gifts. Handing them to charity organizations is always an option, but not every product is made for it. However, using second hand marketplaces helps you to keep your apartment free of annoying items and bad Christmas memories. Also, it can help to get you the one thing you did not get for Christmas, and can now shop in the After Christmas Sale. 

Did we miss something? What’s your favorite place to sell online? Let us know by commenting below.


Image: Some rights reserved by Thomas8047

Disclaimer: the author of this article has worked for Stuffle in the past.

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