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Google head of sales steps down due to charges of embezzlement



Stefan Tweraser, Head of Sales for Google Germany, has officially stepped down as a result of embezzlement charges he's facing in an Austrian court.

Google released a statement to the press, saying: "Google has notified Stefan Tweraser that, in light of the indictment he is facing in relation to his work at previous employer Telekom Austria, for the time being he will step down from his role at Google Germany." Tweraser's position will be taken over by Alastair Bruce, the new Sales Director for Google Germany.

width="150"The story broke late last week, although the charges were lodged in Viennese courts in December 2012. Tweraser (left) is accused of pocketing over half a million euros through fake invoices while working as the marketing director of the Austrian branch of telecommunications giant Telekom.

Tweraser and three other high level executives from Telekom Austria at the time of the accused crime face indictments, including Albert Essenther – the former head of the agency.

In a 16-page document discovered by Format magazine, it is outlined that Tweraser will have to repay the money, although this won't exempt him from facing court. A date for his first court appearance is yet to be confirmed.

Image credit: Google, by Robert Scoble via Flickr 

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