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Grocery delivery service ShopWings launches in Munich

ShopWings was on the radar for a couple of weeks now, and launched its grocery delivery service in Munich today. Customers request a ‘personal shopper’ to pick up the items they ordered online and deliver it –in best cases– within two hours.



What it is and how it works

It’s like online pizza delivery without the pizza (but maybe the ingredients): Customers request and pay the items online. While TheNextWeb reports retail prices are being charged, ShopWings website explains that the startup tries to offer best prices but refinances the delivery service with it. Therefore, it decides on the prices individually and independently.

In addition to that, comes a €4.90 delivery fee. The minimum order starts at €20. If you do e.g. your party shopping and get over €60, the delivery is for free.

ShopWings doesn’t promise the delivery within two hours yet, but states it as a best case. A spokesperson told VentureVillage that until now 20-30 shoppers are available in Munich.

Seen before

With schedules filling up fast, ShopWings is meant to make life easier. The concept is not new though:  Behind ShopWings stands the Berlin-based incubator Rocket Internet, famous for copying ideas.

Since starting in February 2014, Instacart delivers from local stores in 12 U.S. cities. The same concept is behind postmates (founded in 2011) , who deliver local goods from stores and restaurants in less than one hour. Jinn is one example in London that offers a similar service.

Time to start in Germany

"left"] While it is interesting that ShopWings launched in Munich first instead of Berlin, a Rocket’s spokesperson said that besides the higher income, the opening hours of Munich’s grocery stores are one of the most important reasons. While in Berlin many supermarkets are open until 10 pm or 12 am and Spätis (Berlin’s kiosk) have people covered almost 24/7 with the most important items, stores in Munich close at 8 pm.

ShopWings is founded by Florian Jaeger, Christoph Harsch, Andreas Veller, Conrad Bloser and Dominik Unuetzer, who are all based in Munich.

It is not said where ShopWings will launch next. Or at least not public: As we know ideas get copied fast in other regions once a success is seen, it only makes sense to keep expansion plans quiet. But with Rocket Internet backing the plans, fast expansion to other cities and countries is to be expected – and planned.


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