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Heather Morgan’s 5 tips on writing perfect cold emails


Heather Morgan is CEO of Salesfolk and helps tech companies and startups to optimize their copy and email campaigns to accelerate their sales. Among her customers are well-known tech companies and startup institutions such as 500 Startups, AdEspresso, 15Five and WhalePath. Heather has working experience with Aaron Ross, auther of the best seller book “The predictable revenue guide to tripling your sales”. He was the one who taught her to always add a unique flavor to her work. This became one of the main goals for Salesfolk, her company, that focuses on cold email marketing for inside sales. For VentureVillage Heather sat down and put down five tips on writing perfect cold emails.

Heather's top 5 tips: 

  1. Keep emails extremely short. Cut out jargon and redundancies.

  1. Know your target audience for these cold emails extremely well. Understand their pain points and what they care about. A CEO is very different than a VP of marketing or a VP of engineering. Make sure your list has a clear buyer/prospect profile, and really think about who’s going to read your email when you write it.

  1. Don’t talk too much about yourself. Most people make 80% of the conversation about themselves and their product, but your prospects don’t really care about you yet because they don’t know you. Instead make 80% of your copy about the prospect, their pain point, and what benefit you bring to them.

  1. Turn all your features into benefits and focus on one main benefit per cold email. (A feature is a description of your product, where as a benefit conveys value to your prospect. Example of a feature: “We have a powerful sales automation tool.” The feature version of this would be: “3x your revenue by automating your sales processes.” Notice how much stronger and more persuasive the second statement is?)

  1. Always show social proof in your email. Numbers from clients that show results and ROI speak even louder. If you don’t have any good case studies, try to leverage any kind of social proof you have to create credibility.

Heather will be visiting Berlin next week for the Sales Hacker Meetup on 13 November 2014.

If you want to meet her, join the event through the website.

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