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Hello Europe! Startup Rally is back!

9 cities, 20 days, 45 startups, 7 minutes. These are the main KPIs startups need to know when they want to participate in the Startup Rally.


The idea is simple, but makes a lot of sense. While many startups are often well connected in their own cities, it’s difficult for them to get in touch with those in other tech hubs across Europe.

In Startup Rally, startups can pitch for seven minutes in front of local investors and entrepreneurs between September 9th and September 29th in Amsterdam, Hamburg, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Munich, Zurich, Paris, and London.

"left"]Startups can decide if they want to join for the entire tour or just specific places depending on their needs.

From last year’s experience, the organizers report that the jury’s feedback was often so valuable to startups that they took it into consideration right away and changed their pitches while traveling from one city to the next.

The key learning: the focus of investments differs from place to place. Not only that: It’s important to learn about the cultural differences of areas startups want to launch in soon.

Though browsing through Europe sounds like a holiday, startups should not underestimate the time and power it costs. Last year only 3 out of the 35 participated in the entire trip. None the less, it was a valuable experience.

Get your pitch deck ready, we will see you on September 15th in Berlin for the next Startup Rally.

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