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Heureka 2014: A tête-à-tête with investors


Speed pitching: Because startups + VCs = love

One of the most important questions founders face is "how will I finance my startup?" As in past years, the Heureka conference is here to help. At the conference, startups seeking financing get the chance to meet high-quality investors. This year, we'll be facilitating the networking via speed pitching rounds.

How does it all work?

Speed pitching works like speed dating – except that instead of sitting opposite your potential soulmate, you'll be opposite successful investors who are looking for the next big thing to add to their portfolio.

Who can join the speed pitching?

We're after 12 early-stage startups and 12 growth-stage startups, which will each get a chance to pitch to six investors.

Application criteria for early-stage startups:

  • The startup must at least be in beta phase
  • The startup must have been founded within the past three years
  • It must not have received any funding yet

Application criteria for growth-stage startups:

  • The startup must be out of beta phase
  • The startup must have been founded within the past five years
  • It must have received no more than one funding round

What investors can you expect?

We've already won over a number of well-known investors for the speed pitching at Heureka 2014. Here's the list so far:

Applications are now open

You have until 31 March to get your applications in through this form. All qualified applicants will receive a discounted Heureka ticket for €100. For any questions, get in touch with us at

Those who aren't interested in joining the speed pitching but are still keen to come to the Heureka conference can apply for a ticket via the standard application form.

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