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Heureka conference 2013 – Instagram photo gallery and top Tweets

Yesterday's Heureka 2013 conference in Berlin welcomed some of the most notable European entrepreneurs and business stars to the stage to share their wisdom around the theme of "Elements of a Startup".


The Vertical Media team - image courtesy of Miki Devic

As well as panel discussions and main-stage talks from the likes of Christophe Maire, Peter Read and Fabian Heilemann, participants were treated to a day-long selection of workshops aimed at launching businesses into the stratosphere – from UX Design to Marketing and Communications, to finding the best investor fit.

Check out our gallery of the best Instagram pics below, and see more at the Instakeeeb feed on the Heureka Facebook page...

Our favourite #hrk13 Tweets

"A start-up is a vehicle for the systematic testing of business hunches" @adamfletcher

"Whether you're in a very early stage – or later, you should expect the investor to try to impress you" – Peter Read

"If you found a business and speak right away about your exit, there is no way you will create a global leader"

"The likelihood of investing is inversely correlated to the number of slides in your pitch deck"

"The CEO is 50% of the time a headhunter"

"If you're dealing with #apple: use AppStore cloned pre-landers and never ever stop optimizing" @kissmyadscom

"Passions are often not profitable, problems are" Adam Fletcher on why you shouldn't follow your passions

"Entrepreneurship can be taught" I agree with Stephan Schambach

Cool location, awesome coffee. Good start so far.

#hrk13 will go down in history as the one conference w the best food in the conf world. @KerstinKolumna @Lina_chong

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