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Infographic: Show us the money – who has bagged the biggest exits in Europe?

Where do the biggest European exits come from? Venture capital firm DN Capital has created, with the support of the European Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (EVCA) Digital Task Force, an infographic mapping the biggest European Venture-backed companies by country.

Drawing in data from various sources including Facebook, Atomico, Earlybird, Ventech and other big hitters, the map divides companies into those who have already exited for over a billion (in black), exits of over $100m (orange) and potential exits (including potential worth) in grey.

With successes like, Betfair, ASOS, MoneySupermarket and Ocado, the UK is the hotspot for ventures cashing out more than $1bn. For exits valued greater than $100m, both the UK and Germany take the top spot, with ten companies each.

Interestingly enough, Germany seems to be the popular place for "potential exits" with a cluster of fourteen companies slated to cash in profits... soon. No surprise that Zalando takes the top spot with a potential worth of $3.6bn. The biggest *actual* exit comes again from the Samwer stable – Groupon clone CityDeal, at an estimated $1bn.

Despite recent woes, games-maker Bigpoint still scores, with a potential of $600m, closely followed by SoundCloud, Trivago and Delivery Hero among the companies predicted to exit with over $100m.

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