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“Inspiration without action is merely entertainment; it’s just wonderment”

“Inspiration without action is merely entertainment; it's just wonderment.” This is what the team behind Amazers has come to understand throughout the development of its product. Amazers is a platform that teams up with inspiring influencers to create challenges that can be accepted by anyone. By issuing a call to action, influencers play the role of guiding users through several action plans to empower the challenge participants.

Last Saturday, the two co-founders and brothers Danilo and Fabio Carlucci and their two team members, launched Amazers with the first challenge being hosted by Bertrand Piccard. He is a world-renowned pioneer and initiator of Solar Impulse, a solar airplane.


For this first challenge, Piccard is leading people through three steps that aim to make people understand that pioneering spirit is not so much about new ideas, but rather, about leaving behind old habits and convictions in order to be more creative and open to the unknown.

“It’s awesome to see how our users are engaging and motivating each other throughout the challenge,” says Fabio, looking at the activity of the past few days.

 The access to a community of like-minded people is not the only thing that one can expect from the challenge. Besides the personal challenge experience, a number of participants will be awarded with prizes, the main one being a trip to Switzerland to meet Piccard and see the Solar Impulse 2 airplane.

“People just want to grow, have new experiences and feel connected – on Amazers they can do exactly that,” says Danilo.


Each challenge starts with 30 people teaming up on the platform. That way an unlimited number of people can participate, but at the same time the groups stay small enough with each other.

The final idea of Amazers was not so clear to the team when they started in 2013. It started of as a content website focusing on sharing stories and interviews of inspiring achievers of all kinds.

“It took us quite a while to understand that we needed to focus on action,” says Fabio. The light bulb moment came when the two brothers watched a TED Talk by Chris Guilleabeau in which he said: “Inspiration without action is merely entertainment; it's just wonderment”.

"left"] After seeing that video, the product’s pivot went into motion. In early 2014, the team shut down the old website and began working on their new concept.

We also asked the team about Amazers’ business model. “The business model lies in teaming up with brands which stand behind a specific challenge. By doing so, we offer brands a content marketing solution and way of enhancing their brand perception,” Fabio explains.

Community driven motivation is a popular topic at the moment. BusinessInsider gave insights on how challenges within a community can help to motivate oneself. You can share the experience with an app called “Lift”.

Lift is based in San Francisco with $2.5 million in investment. Different from Amazers, challenges can be small, for instance stop nail biting, do more sports, or eat healthier and are not created by an individual for a larger group to complete.

Amazers’ own challenge is to grow. This will be done with the help of its own community and the community of the influencer that creates a challenge.

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