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Intelligent restaurant reservation system Resmio receives six-figure seed funding

Restaurant reservation service Resmio has received a six-figure seed funding round from a German publishing holding group. The investment arm includes five publishers: Heise Media Service and the Schlütersche Verlagsgesellschaft, along with media publishers Müller Medien, Josef Keller and Dumrath & Fassnacht KG. The group holds a minority stake in the company.


The group has also entered a sales partnership with Resmio and is adding its reservation service to the online directories Das Oertliche, Das Telefonbuch and the German Yellow Pages to increase the exposure of the service. The startup is now moving to Berlin and will use the funding to grow its reach, develop the product and increase marketing and sales efforts.

Unlike its rivals in the highly competitive restaurant table reservation market – including US giant OpenTable and London-based companies Livebookings and Bookatable –  Resmio offers more than just a table-booking service. Founder Yasha Tarani told us it is the first service that allows restaurants to set price discrimination, working to solve the problem of empty tables during non-peak times. It does this by offering diners price benefits when they eat in off-peak hours – such as the afternoon or late evening – a benefit for restaurateurs as rent and staff are often their highest costs.

Restaurants can include a Resmio widget on their website, Facebook site, and other websites. Rather than locking in restaurants to a monthly subscription fee, restaurants pay a small fee for each guest they get via a Resmio referral.

Tarani told us in an interview last year that "What the hospitality and airline industries have done for years, we’re just starting for the gastronomy industry."

Image credit: Flickr user EoinGardiner

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