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Looking for young talent? Advertise Your Job on VentureVillage

VentureVillage is quickly becoming the most talked-about online magazine in the European startup scene. With both serious investigative editorial and playful Berlin popaganda, we're amassing a loyal, rapidly growing readership across continental Europe and the United States (from NYC to Silicon Alley).

Our worldly, tech-savvy, social-savvy readers have two things in common: they speak English and they LOVE Berlin. So why not make it easier to reach them? We can't tell you the number of emails we get from eager young bloods trying to find a suitable job in a Berlin startup! And it could be yours...

That's why, beginning this week, VentureVillage is posting an article with the top job listings in the Berlin startup scene. Whether you're looking for an intern, a developer, a CTO, or a social media manager— we're uniquely suited to reach the English-speaking talent you seek.

Spaces are limited. Contact for more information.


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