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“It’s like a kid in a candy store” – Drew Olanoff joins EyeEm

EXCLUSIVE: After getting Markus Spiering on board in April, his former colleague Drew Olanoff joins EyeEm as Director of Communications U.S.


The story of how EyeEm and Olanoff came together is not a typical one, starting with EyeEm’s last international hire.

Olanoff first heard about EyeEm when his colleague Spiering, at that time Head of Product at Flickr, left the Yahoo subsidiary. As the two had worked so closely together, he became curious about his friend’s decision to leave. Looking into the photography app, “I could understand his choice,” Olanoff says.

In an interview with VentureVillage, Olanoff expressed his excitement about traveling and living in both San Francisco and Berlin. Joining EyeEm as its Director of Communication U.S., he will work with Spiering, who is Chief Product Officer / General Manager of US., again, to spread the word about EyeEm in the U.S.

Olanoff’s tasks will not be limited to PR and communications.
“Being part of everything is what excites me the most,” he admits, referring to the size of teams and the speed of bringing ideas into action. “It’s like being a kid in a candy store,” he says laughing.

Olanoff has been working in the communications field for over 10 years. Besides his position for Corporate Communications at Yahoo!, he’s known in the tech industry for his work as Community Director at TechCrunch and as West Coast Editor at TNW.

His experience will surely be useful to the EyeEm team when it comes to expanding.

You can follow Olanoff on his journey on EyeEm.

Welcome to Berlin!


Image: Olanoff

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