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Klash is back. And ready to klash you with new features.

width="605px;"With all the noise and buzz in the startup scene, Klash was known to be just a little bit louder, a little bit crazier and a little bit more fun to watch grow.

Klash is an app to start fun challenges between friends (and with the public). In February 2013, it raised a lower 6 digit number from Venista Ventures. “The problem we need to solve is that there is not enough fun in our world,” was the beginning of Klash’s pitch in 2012 at the Pioneers Festival, where we first met them.

Winning the contest and flying to California for six weeks in 2012, it seemed the app was on the right track. However, then they suddenly turned quiet for almost a year.

And then this video appears with the announcement of an update.

[youtube id="Lx0T0Jegb6Y" width="515" height="300"]

“It was our first baby, and we still believe in the model,” says CEO and co-founder Alessandro Petrucciani to the question on what kept them going.

Klash prefers not to go into details on what happened last year, but states: “The honest truth was that for several reasons we could not operate Klash as we used to but we always wanted to keep going. The important thing is that we are back now.”

The team members stayed the same. “It’s still the five musketeers,” as they call themselves.

The app, however, has changed. While the priority is still “to bring back some fun to the city”, the product itself became more mature. For example, there is a separation between a friends and a public zone. Users can decide who they want to share their challenges with. Included in the update is also new design and other features, such as video recording for ephemeral short private videos.

This is, as Petrucciani explains, a result from the trip to Silicon Valley. Learning about the different ways users share content on social networks with a smaller or larger audiences helped them understand what is right for Klash.

“All the youngsters and university kids were in their Snapchat private circle world. We took that learning and applied it to Klash. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” Petrucciani says.

"left"]However, even in Vegas you have to pay rent.

The company claims to have gained insight into social media engagement, and has been approached by several media agencies for a white label solution of the app, Klash shares.

“Klash is purely social. If we think of monetization now for this product, we will not make it to the main screen of the iPhone of our user,” Petrucciani insures.

“It is rather a tool for social media advertisers where users can generate brand relevant content in “sponsored Klashes“ to win for example prizes.”

Not to give up and staying out of the spotlight for a while was a smart move, and coming back was a surprise. Hopefully, this time to stay.

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