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How to become a billionaire – leaked DST document reveals secrets of Yuri Milner’s colossal internet success

milner money

Leaked DST document

Facebook, Twitter, Groupon, Spotify, Zynga – How did Yuri Milner, helming investment behemoth DST (Digital Sky Technologies), manage to back internet winners all the way to the bank? How did the Russian outsider manage to blindside local VCs to sink millions into every social media powerplayer on the market and go from zero to an estimated $12bn in US assets in a mere two years? 

A DST document leaked to Venture Village points to the secrets of his success...

milner money

An explosive leaked DST document has landed on the desk of VentureVillage. It forms a presentation pitch to provide an overview of DST’s online portfolio for potential multi-million-dollar investors (now presented as DST Global III) and reveals:

Read on for how to invest like a billion-dollar winner...

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