Would you monitor your hookups on Excel? One guy did, and got leaked

This just appeared in our inbox.

It's an Excel sheet from a guy with a New York zip code, who's organized all his hookups in meticulous Spreadsheet columns including not only standard information like age, name, and email, but also initial comments, "wink dates," (we don't quite know what those are), and whether to "monitor closely (bold = ASAP)" or to "monitor casually." We had to share it. Feast your eyes.

This is the email that's spreading like wildfire...


In the Spreadsheet she attaches, this dude calls one of his dates "OK but very jappy" and lists another as having "drukenly" (does he mean drunk?) "hooked up after Jason's birthday at K-town Karaoke." Here's The Unedited Spreadsheet (PDF) (We blacked out the girls' names for privacy.) In the meantime, to show you what you're in for, here's a snapshot.


Is this how you're managing your dates...? Rocket guys?

Here's what we think of it.

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