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Social, local, mobile, Parisian: Notes from LeWeb

Off to LeWeb Day 2! What happened yesterday? Here's the 30-second solomo lowdown: Fashion legend Karl #Lagerfeld (who is "very down to earth. Just not this earth") came out of the closet as an Apple fanatic, bringing with him a glittery suitcase of iThings. Uber CEO and co-founder Travis Kalanick announced a $32 million Series B round of financing (which will up to $39 million through a second tranche.) Flipboard CEO Mike McCue gave a live demonstration of Flipboard's new iPhone app (which lets you swipe vertically and works with publication ‘cards’ instead than pages).

Eric Schmidt revealed big plans for Google TV (and product manager Hugo Barra revealed Schmidt's personal contact stats on the big screen). LinkedIn co-founder Allen Blue talked about the company's 6-month progress since getting IPO'ed. Wooga demo’ed their newly launched mobile version of Diamond Dash.I attended a dinner where Sarkozy discussed Google and liberty. A lot of people avoided the rain, and many more got drenched. Here are the pictures! Updates to continue.

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