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Look through walls with this Israeli startup

Is that a pipe behind this wall? Or just a wooden stud? The founders of Vayyar Imaging created a new technology that lets anyone look through walls.

What is hiding behind this wall? A common question – and fear – for a handymen or carpenter that needs to drill a hole, hang a curtain or install a shelf. If they are careless, they might end up hitting a power line. Or worse, a water pipe.

The Israeli startup Vayyar Imaging wants to save their customers from making such expensive, time-consuming mistakes.

Co-founders Rivav Melamed, Miri Ratner and Naftali Chayat started the company in 2011 in Tel Aviv. Since then they have created numerous devices with 3D-sensor technology capable of looking through solid materials.

Walabot is the technology that allows them to look at 10 centimeters behind a wall and detect whether the out-of-sight object is metal, plastic or wood.

The 6-year-old startup plans on launching their product in Europe – for roughly 100 euros (113.42 USD). Here's a look at how the device works:

This text originally appeared on Gründerszene (German). Translation by Christine G. Coester.

Photo credit: Gründerszene

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