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The Newest Project from Founder Marcus Seidel: A Flower Shop


It's almost like his trademark. In the truest sense of the word. With Marcus Seidel, there are no fancy names. The domain name is meant to identify the transaction. With (""), he reached an exit with RTL Group and, with (""), he launched an online optician. Now, his latest project has gone online: ("").

Seidel is entering the florist industry indirectly. is actually a metasearch engine for price comparison. Although "it is still relatively easy to compare prices for cut flowers," explains Seidel, it gets complicated with other products. "Individual plants are very different from each other when you consider factors such as growth, location and size of delivery. We collect a large amount of data and, only then, is a proper price comparison possible."

At the moment, Seidel compares offerings from around 30 to 35 online flower and plant retailers. Most of them are already partners of In total, there are "several thousand products available that will all be compared on the platform in the future." Seidel is planning on earning money through by charging a commission.

Seidel has financed the project from his own pocket, so from the profit that he made from the exit to RTL. Even if he is "talking to important investors", there are currently no external investors. He does, however, have good contacts in television - and big market expectations. "The DIY flower and garden business has grown by 20 to 30 percent in the last years. The same growth is expected for the future." The flower market in Germany alone has a volume of billions. Along with BloomyDays and Miflora, more startups want to be involved in this market. "However, an overall price comparison is still unknown to me," says Seidel.

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